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Pieczątka-rękaWelcome to  - we are aPolish stamp store and this is our website.

To our Polish and foreign customers we offer best quality stamps. On a daily basis our team:

- offers our Retail and wholesale Customers swift contact via e-mail, step by step throughout the process of buying a stamp;

- navigates our Customers  through our selection of Trodat, Colop, Wagraf  and  Shiny stamps thus helping them to choose a model they need;

- designs a few versions of the imprint for every stamp thus allowing the Customer a chance to choose the most suitable one;

- produces and ships stamps quickly and efficiently,

Our prices are competitive and our products and services are great value for money.

Our Customers have the advantage of using PayPal for their payments.

Moreover, our wholesale Customers are offered an option of one combined payment once a month for any amount of single orders throughout which significantly simplifies the whole process. We also realize sizeable orders for all sorts of stamps.

For businesses from within EU we issue intra-community 0% VAT invoices.

Feel free to e-mail us in English at: info (at)

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